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Angel Tree for the Homeless Community

Below is a list of items that we are currently looking for. Items must be brought to NVC by 5:00 pm on Monday, 20 December. Alternatively, you can donate cash to the Angel Tree and NVC will do the shopping for you.

  • Two Wheel Foldable Children’s Scooter with Lights – Ages 3-14 (~$40)
  • Drone (~$25)
  • Remote Control Car ($15-$30)
  • Surprise Mini Brands (~$12)
  • Board Games (e.i. Connect 4, Sorry, etc)
  • 10 each $25 gift cards from Burlington or Walmart
  • Women’s Devotional
  • Christmas-ey small cups and plates for +45 people
  • 2 cases of water bottles
  • 2 gallons of orange juice
  • Fruit for +45

If you have any questions, please email info@nvcmd.org. Also, if you can, email info@nvcmd.org to let us know if you plan to shop for items.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!